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We do well advertising our own services, not selling ads to others. I have been wanting to sell a couple of sites so that I can focus more on what really matters to me. But have shied away from doing it mainly because of lack of knowledge in doing so. The reason I am selling it is I have lost interest in the site – and so I am no longer maintaining it. Right now I am selling a web hosting review site which I have had since 2004. I actually remember when each of these sites first came on to the internet.

In that way you’re going to definitely increase the value of your internet real estate. Honestly, I don’t like the idea of selling your website. It’s kind of sad of giving up something you have worked hard for. There are many lessons one may learn in the pursuit of his goal; but giving up so easily is a waste of that valuable opportunity.

Each of the sites made barely $100 a month in AdSense, about 150 unique visitors a day and the pages were optimized best to what information was available to us then. And all 10 sites sold (adter we put up a “Website for Sale” page linked to our blogs. There is a tiny bit of programming necessary for some features I haven’t automated, but I could automate them before selling it, so that there was no technical ability necessary to run it. This is an interesting article and has given me something to think about. I have always found it hard to put a value to something you have put so much time adnd effort into. At the end of the day it all comes down to how much traffic and potential profit your website is capable of making I guess. You have to think about both what someone else is willing to pay for the site versus what it’s worth to you.

Virtual real estate is a fascinating market to dabble in, and selling a working website is but one aspect of it. If you have a keyword rich domain that is unused, do put up a couple of pages and do a bit of link building towards your targeted keywords.

However, I don’t think I’ll sell it because it’s not very targeted. Hi Dave – good point, yes escrow services are certainly valuable. Would love to know what site you sold, but I guess you had to sign an NDA.

I don’t expect my site to be popular over night, but it IS already showing many visitors, despite the fact that it’s a work-in-progress. I’m currently selling a web address and I’m having trouble determining how it’s actually done. My web hosting company wants me to simply go into my account, modify the account “contact” information to the new owner’s name/address, and give them access to that portion of my overall account. One of my sites just reached 300, 000 Alexa traffic, and I got the idea to sell it.

Selling From Website

So you should avoid selling unless you get a particular tempting offer. Ideally the amount would be enough to cover building up a similar website again. I would appreciate it even more if it includes advice for people who are not just looking for a buyout but more importantly some sort of partnership to grow the website business together.

Great article, perhaps the most useful I have found covering details on how and where to sell. I would think you have to get some good traffic to be able to sell well. The value of a website is certainly very subjective, if you can find the right buyer that can make the sale much more profitable. It really has a lot to do with how the site is trending and what the niche is etc too. A couple of years ago I operated over 10 blogs… today I operate only one because – I was able to sell all the rest. The only three factors that the interested parties were curious about were unique daily visits, seo and page monitization.

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